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Character Information
Name:Paladin Brito
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
House:Haggler's Hangout 6 (Port Hope) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Last login:19 June 2021, 3:38 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 96.800 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 44%
Tasks: 07%

9 Jun 2021, 10:13 Died at level 312 by medusa, a ghastly dragon, a brimstone bug and by serpent spawn.
7 Jun 2021, 22:31 Killed at level 310 by Tio Patinhas, El Comunista, Honda Pcx, Brabu, Pelego Imortal, Kurosaki Zangetsu and by Chiines.
29 May 2021, 10:01 Died at level 306 by Ferumbras and by demon.
29 May 2021, 09:34 Killed at level 307 by Capsey, Lassic, Watenguito, Yagozerah, Ericck Olldtimes, Dupai, Binhaa Oldtiimess, Pribizinho, Paladin Brito, Gattuso and by Royal Salute.
29 May 2021, 09:22 Killed at level 307 by Gattuso, Watenguito, Bidens Alba, Coloral Elpatron, Lassic, Toro, Menino Do Torro, Froxty, Ge Ema, Imabeast, Oleg Yasikov, Aka Pvp, Haru Here, Binhaa Oldtiimess, Capsey, Johannes, Ericck Olldtimes, Yagozerah, Winston Azul, Royal Salute, Juub Neversleep and by Dupai.
27 May 2021, 17:13 Killed at level 306 by Fab Milico, Honda Pcx, Coloral Elpatron, Maker Dois, Capsey, Final Warning, El Comunista, Yago Implacavel, Cristal Emanuely, Stanley Ipkiss, Bruxo, a ghoul and by ghost.
27 May 2021, 16:54 Killed at level 307 by Brabu, Maker Dois, Lassic, Fab Milico, Yago Implacavel, Mago Merlin, Johannes and by Truffa Dreaming.
21 May 2021, 14:36 Died at level 306 by serpent spawn, a ghastly dragon and by medusa.
18 May 2021, 11:15 Killed at level 304 by Jhol Balada, Imabeast, Yagozerah, Mendesz Bolterzyk, Traader Esportivo, Dionera, Xerecada, Winston Azul, Larry Blanka, Maniaco and by Paladin Brito.
18 May 2021, 04:15 Died at level 305 by ghastly dragon, Mata Rino, Mary Do Golpe and by Bruxo.

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Account Information
Real Name:Asd Sad
Created:20 December 2020, 8:11 pm
Vip Status:VIP Account

1. Paladin BritoKaldrox

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