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Character Information
Profession:Master Sorcerer
Residence:Port Hope
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Member of the Ppl
Last login:26 August 2023, 7:07 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 4.215 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 45%
Tasks: 08%

20 Aug 2023, 18:36 Killed at level 683 by Lord Imperor, Sahara, Humble, Pirilampo Samera, Wasousky, Welcomet, Old Alexo, Dhyego Araujo, Orishas, William Do Brait, Bruunin Sexxy, Dolohov, Corsero, Ben Laden, Muffyn and by Floody.
20 Aug 2023, 17:52 Killed at level 684 by Kyshow Relax, Corsero, Pirilampo Samera, Hell Paladin, Kerrek, Bluelabel Jwalker, Humble, Bruunin Sexxy, Floody, Wasousky, Dhyego Araujo, Ell Loko, Orishas, Welcomet, Jojo Maronttinni and by Old Alexo.
16 Aug 2023, 19:48 Killed at level 685 by Ben Laden, Shelldon, Old Alexo, Quentine Jogadez, Fire Anga, Xayxa, Diguinho Malvadao, Xirev Knight, Wasousky, Justice Marker, William Do Brait, Kerrek, Muffyn, Danzuo, Dhyego Araujo and by Norie Arka.
6 Aug 2023, 14:23 Killed at level 677 by Anderson, Ell Loko, Wasousky, Old Alexo, Magoedxd, Caracas Es Caracas, Ms Rusheador, Shelldon, Beverly, Heltao Ator Porno and by Caio Scripts.
6 Aug 2023, 05:19 Killed at level 677 by Sr Marihuano, Dominicanito, Salayr Osian, Bolotinha, Pikagoma, Elian, Floyd Dyers and by Wasousky.
27 Jul 2023, 16:42 Killed at level 668 by Ell Loko, Corsero, Welcomet, Ms Rusheador, Mr Fragen, Xirev Knight, Froxty, Druid Maxx, Druid Angel, Quhasyerdosky, Energyx, Mobolla, Kenji Elderovsky, Acincronico and by Enid Sinclair.
3 Jun 2023, 20:21 Killed at level 660 by Watengo Twitch, Carteiro Fischer, Frestyle Azcino, Pawn, Old Alexo, Ze Pequenho, Magoedxd, General Rizan, Noo Panic, Lord Porkye, Orishas, Beverly, Elian, Urenda Boss, Reeh Mito, Rico Strong, Morgahar Agaesi, Quentinhe, Hekkee, Skullmaster, Wasousky, Undertakeer, Dressa, Zarth and by Atravessa Utero.
2 Jun 2023, 14:19 Killed at level 661 by Black Crazyi, Blazekzs, Orishas, Memoxi Fullbravo, Vitor Pancadinhu, Sairu Correndu and by El Fruit.
24 May 2023, 14:44 Killed at level 654 by El Fruit, Xavier, Dyer Loss, Metemelo, Mata Feos, a Fury of Venom, Ramzan, Chuy, a serpent spawn, a phantasm, a giant spider, a nightmare, a souleater and by hydra.
23 May 2023, 13:40 Killed at level 654 by Memoxi Fullbravo, Xavier, Chuy, Corrsero, Metemelo and by Floody.

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804, Master Sorcerer

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