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Character Information
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Last login:27 July 2021, 7:05 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 1.996.220 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 17%
Tasks: 00%

18 Jul 2021, 16:02 Killed at level 302 by Sword The Better, Ed Maconheiro, Druidzin Pkzin, Pitter and by Coronel Camila.
10 Jul 2021, 16:53 Killed at level 298 by Elian, Ferumbras, Yusuke Taekshiy, Understandablle Son, Que Isso, Bullaku, Zoraia Magalhaes, Stark, Tora, Kazzinrj, Mezito, Agente Kong and by demon.
10 Jul 2021, 16:17 Killed at level 298 by Leonzita, Mezito, Elian, Agente Kong, Rick Kommando, Heinken, Kazzinrj, Maker Onze, Sniper Easy, a warlock, Rayo, Drag Soul, Proxys, Bryga, Zoraia Magalhaes, Stark, Alcool Em Gel and by Tio Patinhas.
10 Jul 2021, 16:06 Killed at level 299 by Wilkizhito Stylexz, Yusuke Taekshiy, Rick Kommando, Mezito, Kazzinrj, Viitao, Kheifsz, Stark, Kinderhufeisen, Bryga, Leonzita, Shanakiry, Jean Rush and by Agente Kong.
10 Jul 2021, 16:00 Killed at level 299 by Rayo, Understandablle Son, Proxys, Wilkizhito Stylexz, Agente Kong, Zoraia Magalhaes, Drag Soul, Stark, Tora and by Bullaku.
10 Jul 2021, 15:54 Killed at level 299 by Kheifsz, Stark, Heinken, Understandablle Son, Rick Kommando, Bryga, Wilkizhito Stylexz, Riperzito, Shanakiry, Bullaku, Kinderhufeisen, Ruud, Ironman Powerzyk, Eofatjhow, Koniec Isback, Tora, Leonzita, Rayo and by Viitao.
10 Jul 2021, 15:46 Killed at level 299 by Rick Kommando, Understandablle Son, Tangie, Leonzita, Yusuke Taekshiy, Shanakiry, Edd Dez, Lord Takashi, Julynha Deboxada, Kinderhufeisen and by Sheldon Spearmax.
10 Jul 2021, 15:29 Killed at level 300 by Julio The Tortura, Il Legendariobaba, Proxys, Bryga, Mage Lekera, Yusuke Taekshiy, Rick Kommando, Kheifsz, Tora and by Shanakiry.
10 Jul 2021, 15:24 Killed at level 300 by Eurusd, Rick Kommando, Yusuke Taekshiy, Proxys, Bryga, Leonzita, Shanakiry, Kheifsz, Eofatjhow, Mezito and by Funnyx.
10 Jul 2021, 15:20 Killed at level 300 by Eurusd, Kheifsz, Bullaku, Tora, Bryga, Elian, Anto Mcz, Kinderhufeisen, a quara pincher scout, a giant spider and by tarantula.

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Experience History
EXP Today
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
+13 (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
+284.355 (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)

Account Information
Real Name:Ueah Eah
Created:7 January 2021, 6:54 am
Vip Status:VIP Account

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