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Character Information
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
House:Seagull Walk 2 (Venore) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Guild Membership:Member of the RUSHADAO
Last login:16 June 2021, 3:37 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 5.455.290 Gold Coins.

Reason Comment Banned By Date Expires
Illegal Advertising regra 16 [GM]-Theo 05/06/2021, 22:31:52 06/06/2021, 22:31:52

Other Infos
Quests: 06%
Tasks: 07%

12 Jun 2021, 11:53 Died at level 383 by western undead.
7 Jun 2021, 06:18 Died at level 380 by western undead.
5 Jun 2021, 21:09 Died at level 380 by western undead.
5 Jun 2021, 16:53 Killed at level 380 by Vltao, Bolander, Kinderhufeisen, Ge Ema, Umgb, Oleg Yasikov, Psychrolutes, Linha Branca, Antivirus, Pally Jow, Maykell, Wicked, Scarlett, Rajesh Elderzyk, Jab Cross, Feared Alss and by Redbull.
5 Jun 2021, 16:31 Killed at level 380 by Vltao, Ge Ema, Ed Cinco, Maykell, Pally Jow, Syoot, Umgb, Oleg Yasikov, Linha Branca and by Kinderhufeisen.
5 Jun 2021, 16:22 Killed at level 380 by Wicked, Ge Ema, Fullzika Pally, Imac, Pally Jow, Umgb, Kinderhufeisen, Maykell, Antivirus, Syoot, Linha Branca, Ed Cinco, Rajesh Elderzyk, Bolander, Ziorka Rp and by Oleg Yasikov.
5 Jun 2021, 12:50 Died at level 380 by western undead.
29 May 2021, 14:01 Killed at level 376 by Subzero Azul, Gedeao Opressor, Qrytghkaszxk, Junior Is Backk, Porpa Ballack, Linha Branca and by Xuazenegar.
29 May 2021, 09:57 Killed at level 376 by Paladin Brito, Scream Daking, Junior Is Backk, Carrerinhacpsz, Beira Mar, Umgb, Miliciano Matador, Toro, Juub Neversleep, Pribizinho, Bolander, Mary Do Golpe, Mata Rino, Incomparable, Fenix Negra and by Headshot.
27 May 2021, 10:52 Died at level 374 by dark torturer, a betrayed wraith, a hand of cursed fate, a lost soul and by Bullaako Revolts.

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+20.567.549 (experience total)
+8.876.571 (experience total)
+3.379.288 (experience total)
+2.609.700 (experience total)

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1425, Master Sorcerer
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5- Son Of Anarc
424, Elite Knight

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