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Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
Last login:23 August 2022, 3:56 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 20%
Tasks: 05%

17 Aug 2022, 22:42 Died at level 339 by , Beverly Hard, Comedor De Toba, Xekiizera and by Luva Di Pedreiro.
16 Aug 2022, 00:14 Killed at level 339 by Denoca, Aweektop Mtputo, Woso, Fernandozeraa and by Lacostado.
13 Aug 2022, 12:08 Killed at level 340 by Senhor Supremo, , , Bogdanovich, Pirilampo Samera and by Nexious.
31 Jul 2022, 21:54 Killed at level 340 by Nalius Neik, Zethan Knight, Tiffany Wilson, Dakotalizy, Boob Motel, Tronus, Elder Tangado, Virei Lenda, Bejjamin Arolla and by .
10 Aug 2021, 20:44 Killed at level 340 by Constant Motion, Lord Nihilus, Klopp, Conection Navi, Cuca Beludo, Pumba, Western Unded, Arretadety, Fala Baixo and by Telecine.
10 Aug 2021, 20:33 Killed at level 340 by Arretadety, Lord Nihilus, Klopp, Fala Baixo, Soul Infinity, Cuca Beludo, Pumba, Revus, Western Unded and by Constant Motion.
4 Aug 2021, 21:17 Killed at level 341 by Dbonex, Zeus Hell, Hell Fire, Magezeen King, Theodoric, Zika Do Baile, Playmobil and by Arkhyn.
21 Jul 2021, 21:05 Killed at level 341 by Warwick, Cello, Arthas Miidnight, Toto Loveyou, Paputa Kipariu, Quemefude Mechupa, Ceroll, Pi Ka Xu, Bubble Machine, Xoxota Flex and by Linguisao Forever.
21 Jul 2021, 20:21 Killed at level 342 by Cello, Impro Vision, Xoxota Flex, Marco Albaa, Netin Das Alagoas, Szamon Ms, Sorry Friends and by Lambe Seda.
18 Jul 2021, 20:39 Died at level 341 by grim reaper.

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