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Character Information
Name:Unferslein Patatti
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Last login:7 February 2023, 11:16 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 1.008.320 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 00%
Tasks: 00%

7 Feb 2023, 23:25 Killed at level 267 by Bryz Warbeast, Mr Chuchee, Don Wuicho, Sir Zeuzz, Misael Warbeast, Zxcore Warbeast, Druid In Misson, Primo Tristan Tate, Zsxwkeqxd, Kyshow Relax, Davizerah War, Przyzilowcorto, Sossa Mafia, Topg Proxy, Topg Guha, Argentina Campeaoo, Samuel Fightforwin, Topg Confused, Saymex, Unferslein Proud and by Giyuu Tomioka.
7 Feb 2023, 23:16 Killed at level 267 by Kyshow Relax, Zxcore Warbeast, Topg Proxy, Zsxwkeqxd, Druid In Misson, Heliotroppen, Don Wuicho, Topg Confused, Topg Droga, Przyzilowcorto, Misael Warbeast, Sossa Mafia, Topg Manco, Bryz Warbeast and by Unferslein Moacy.
7 Feb 2023, 23:02 Killed at level 267 by Mr Chuchee, Misael Warbeast, Warax Warbeast, Kommanche Warbeast, Topg Proxy, Kyshow Relax, Sossa Mafia, Topg Droga, Przyzilowcorto, Zsxwkeqxd, Humberto Warbeast, Primo Tristan Tate, Argentina Campeaoo, Don Wuicho, Heliotroppen and by Unferslein Indio.
7 Feb 2023, 22:57 Killed at level 267 by Navigator, Mr Chuchee, Davizerah War, Don Wuicho, Topg Droga, Topg Manco, Warax Warbeast, Primo Tristan Tate, Bryz Warbeast, Argentina Campeaoo, Heliotroppen, Topg Confused, Puro Pendejo, Zsxwkeqxd and by Mv Healer.
7 Feb 2023, 22:53 Killed at level 267 by Druid In Misson, Mr Chuchee, Zxcore Warbeast, Zsxwkeqxd, Primo Tristan Tate, Topg Manco, Argentina Campeaoo, Don Wuicho, Przyzilowcorto, Sossa Mafia, Navigator and by Puro Pendejo.
7 Feb 2023, 22:48 Killed at level 267 by Primo Tristan Tate, Mr Chuchee, Zxcore Warbeast, Warax Warbeast, Topg Droga, Don Wuicho, Druid In Misson, Zsxwkeqxd, Topg Manco, Navigator, Heliotroppen, Puro Pendejo, Przyzilowcorto, Unferslein Proud and by Unferslein Unknown.
7 Feb 2023, 22:33 Killed at level 267 by Argentina Campeaoo, Zxcore Warbeast, Primo Tristan Tate, Warax Warbeast, Zsxwkeqxd, Druid In Misson, Topg Droga, Kommanche Warbeast, Aldo Warbeast, Bryz Warbeast, Topg Confused, Navigator, Sossa Mafia, Puro Pendejo, Unferslein Proud and by Saymex.
7 Feb 2023, 22:20 Killed at level 267 by Sossa Mafia, Mr Chuchee, Davizerah War, Thebigclass Junix, Zxcore Warbeast, Bryz Warbeast, Zsxwkeqxd, Warax Warbeast, Puro Pendejo, Przyzilowcorto, Primo Tristan Tate, Don Wuicho, Druid In Misson, Kommanche Warbeast, Topg Droga, Topg Confused, Saymex, Navigator and by Argentina Campeaoo.
7 Feb 2023, 22:16 Killed at level 268 by Heliotroppen, Mr Chuchee, Zxcore Warbeast, Bryz Warbeast, Topg Droga, Don Wuicho, Zsxwkeqxd, Argentina Campeaoo, Druid In Misson, Puro Pendejo, Navigator, Primo Tristan Tate, Topg Confused, Przyzilowcorto and by Giyuu Tomioka.
7 Feb 2023, 22:13 Killed at level 268 by Sossa Mafia, Warax Warbeast, Topg Droga, Primo Tristan Tate, Zsxwkeqxd, Don Wuicho, Bryz Warbeast, Navigator, Druid In Misson, Argentina Campeaoo, Przyzilowcorto, Kommanche Warbeast, Misael Warbeast, Puro Pendejo, Thebigclass Junix, Saymex and by Unferslein Unknown.

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5- Hiiguliine
804, Master Sorcerer

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