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Character Information
Profession:Elite Knight
Marital status:single
Last login:28 February 2022, 12:43 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 1.696.000 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 05%
Tasks: 07%

1 Feb 2022, 01:39 Killed at level 339 by Juanbar, Arkhyn, Megazord Teteuh, Queisso Amigao, Pszychsrecks, Kuwait, Itzsky and by Kheifz.
30 Jan 2022, 21:04 Killed at level 339 by Wspominacipho, Magnifico Jugador, Refen, Spartans, Maquinado, Ethira Khas, Knox Al Khalid, Rango, Juuhzor Legends, Koringa Original, Youko, Pszychsax, Patito, , Spartan Jaogrilo, Ztex, Alias El Koki, Kendo Joga Easy, Overwhelming, Ceroll Frontline and by Celo.
27 Jan 2022, 23:52 Killed at level 339 by Legendarny Wasznie, Baiano Backpack, Dasew, Legendarny Ciquini, Legendarny Rhayllan, Legendarny Wool, Levii Ackerman, Legendarny Samuel, Legendarny Musk, Legendarny Blowz, Heitor Deluxe, Mv Healer, Legendarny Toninho, Rufus Jango, Jarquin, Legendarny Pnlwo, Cvm Celulares, Overwhelming, Jznh Keeper, Mago Vei, Legendarny Luuh and by Zingy Omnipotent.
27 Jan 2022, 23:47 Killed at level 339 by Grimheim, Jarquin, Legendarny Ciquini, Legendarny Toninho, Legendarny Wool, Legendarny Menor, Mv Healer, Legendarny Waar, Levii Ackerman, Playing High, Legendarny Samuel, Heitor Deluxe, Rufus Jango, Cvm Celulares, Overwhelming, Dasew, Legendarny Musk, Baiano Backpack and by Legendarny Moow.
27 Jan 2022, 23:45 Killed at level 340 by Legendarny Nando, Legendarny Blowz, Jznh Keeper, Heitor Deluxe, Baiano Backpack, Jarquin, Legendarny Wool, Legendarny Ciquini, Cvm Celulares, Legendarny Rhayllan, Legendarny Pnlwo, Rique, Legendarny Waar, Legendarny Moow, Mv Healer, Legendarny Toninho, Mago Vei, Overwhelming, Levii Ackerman, Legendarny Samuel, Playing High, Legendarny Menor, Dasew, Legendarny Musk, Zingy Omnipotent and by Raul.
27 Jan 2022, 23:24 Killed at level 340 by Legendarny Moow, Legendarny Ciquini, Heitor Deluxe, Mv Healer, Baiano Backpack, Rufus Jango, Mago Vei, Dasew, Legendarny Samuel, Jarquin, Playing High, Legendarny Luuh, Cvm Celulares, Legendarny Rhayllan, Legendarny Waar, Legendarny Toninho, Legendarny Wool, Overwhelming, Jznh Keeper, Legendarny Indio, Rique, Legendarny Menor and by Legendarny Serwian.
27 Jan 2022, 23:12 Killed at level 340 by Legendarny Musk, Mago Vei, Legendarny Ciquini, Legendarny Pnlwo, Legendarny Nando, Rique, Legendarny Indio, Legendarny Blowz, Dasew, Legendarny Toninho, Legendarny Rhayllan, Jarquin, Legendarny Wool, Playing High, Legendarny Menor, Legendarny Samuel and by Wspominacdw.
27 Jan 2022, 23:04 Killed at level 340 by Dasew, Legendarny Ciquini, Mago Vei, Legendarny Blowz, Legendarny Rhayllan, Jarquin, Legendarny Toninho, Rufus Jango, Heitor Deluxe, Legendarny Waar, Legendarny Nando, Legendarny Menor, Overwhelming, Baiano Backpack, Legendarny Wool, Jznh Keeper, Cvm Celulares, Legendarny Indio, Legendarny Pnlwo, Legendarny Samuel and by Mv Healer.
27 Jan 2022, 22:58 Killed at level 340 by Baiano Backpack, Dasew, Legendarny Rhayllan, Mago Vei, Jznh Keeper, Legendarny Ciquini, Legendarny Toninho, Legendarny Menor, Playing High, Legendarny Wool, Legendarny Wasznie, Legendarny Waar, Cvm Celulares, Legendarny Samuel, Legendarny Pnlwo, Overwhelming, Legendarny Blowz, Rique and by Angry.
27 Jan 2022, 22:56 Killed at level 340 by Legendarny Menor, Legendarny Ciquini, Rique, Legendarny Rhayllan, Legendarny Indio, Legendarny Wool, Jznh Keeper, Mago Vei, Levii Ackerman, Mv Healer, Jarquin, Dasew, Legendarny Waar, Legendarny Pnlwo, Legendarny Toninho, Legendarny Luuh, Legendarny Wasznie, Legendarny Nando, Legendarny Samuel, Rufus Jango, Overwhelming and by Cvm Celulares.

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