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Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
Last login:26 July 2021, 4:51 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 39%
Tasks: 05%

17 Jun 2021, 19:32 Killed at level 250 by Treis Pala, Oxtein, Maker Onze, Quatro Pala, Moika, Nelson Bravo, Buszk, Ence Capeta, Corinthiano and by Ekmakerquinze.
10 Jun 2021, 19:50 Died at level 250 by western undead, a western princess and by juggernaut.
10 Jun 2021, 19:19 Died at level 250 by western undead, a juggernaut, a western nightstalker, a western princess and by western corrupter.
10 Jun 2021, 19:15 Died at level 250 by western undead, Blzky, Elite Duckoth, Medina, lizard abomination, a demon, Orshabaal, a undead dragon and by hellfire fighter.
8 Jun 2021, 00:22 Died at level 248 by grim reaper and by spectre.
28 May 2021, 16:08 Killed at level 247 by Cao Do Inferno, Cunha, Taylor, Argentino, Senhor Supremo, Syoot, Fab Milico, Wilkerzhito Stylex, Oleg Yasikov, Linha Branca, Yass, Rick Kommando, Incomparable, Leonzito, Arthurziin Veteran, Cornstar, Yankzie, La Vie Est Belle, Alss and by Draxler.
28 May 2021, 15:23 Killed at level 248 by Linha Branca, La Vie Est Belle, Gorilla Zord, Umgb, Oleg Yasikov, Vitinho Side, Alquimista, Amazing Quentine, Cello, Magic Dasher, Argentino, Taylor, Art Druidekx, Gedeao Metebronca, Noryoku and by Senhor Supremo.
28 May 2021, 15:20 Killed at level 248 by Gohah Son, Magic Dasher, Amazing Quentine, Alquimista, Umgb, Oleg Yasikov, Linha Branca, Art Druidekx, La Vie Est Belle, Castellano and by Pancadao De Droga.
11 May 2021, 23:13 Killed at level 248 by Tora, Castroso, Kaiba, Natelinho, Peeter Side, Now Paralyzee, Moresco Amante, Shunt, Prince and by Willzerahh.
11 May 2021, 23:10 Killed at level 249 by Sevenfold Side, Fukuma Mizushi, Netinho Side, Prince, Wilkerzhito Stylex, Moresco Amante, Ed Dez, Calango Do Mangue, Peeter Side, Now Paralyzee, El Rufus, Natelinho, Tora, Alquimista and by Apollowisk.

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Account Information
Real Name:Asjak Jkaj
Created:4 January 2021, 5:05 pm
Vip Status:VIP Account

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