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Character Information
Name:Neoo The Power
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
House:Gaard 02 (Bali) is paid until 19 Jun 2021 3:35
Guild Membership:Member of the Alianza Latina
Last login:20 June 2021, 12:48 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 06%
Tasks: 09%

19 Jun 2021, 19:44 Killed at level 328 by Arcan Ligor, Onesto, Sysida Side, Understandablle Son, Imabeast, Argentino, Ronaldinhonkzy, Antivirus, Bjorn Lothbrook and by Jack Extrupador.
19 Jun 2021, 19:25 Killed at level 329 by Conviicto, Desiste, Libid Gel, Nordmyrensiasz, Neoo The Power, Arthurziin Veteran, Bullaako Revolts, Habernovasdowm, Bolander, Valak, Fire Anga, Carrerinhacpsz, Leoncita, Watengo Mage and by Raxixe.
19 Jun 2021, 13:52 Killed at level 329 by Fire Anga, Druid Angel, Maykell, Fullzika Pally, Oleg Yasikov, Leoncita, Over Game, Tio Patinhas, Toro, Terminator Br, Buchanans and by Neoo The Power.
19 Jun 2021, 08:55 Died at level 329 by demon, a dark torturer, a western nightstalker, a fire elemental and by destroyer.
18 Jun 2021, 17:04 Killed at level 330 by Rick Kommando, Ge Ema, Caiaojj, Tyrpo, Nordmyrensiasz, Pikagoma, Gedeao De Hat, Mahmoud, Imabeast, Elian, a western princess, Neoo The Power and by Libid Gel.
18 Jun 2021, 14:15 Killed at level 330 by Gowdac Ppowezki, Capitain Bluebeav, Suchi Mcz, Sleutjes, Conviicto, Bolander, Maniipulador Tti, Wicked, Neoo The Power and by Koda Warlord.
18 Jun 2021, 14:10 Killed at level 330 by Sleutjes, Vo Lhe Lasca Todim, Conviicto, Gowdac Ppowezki, Capitain Bluebeav, Bolander, Maniipulador Tti, Cyclopao Dog and by Neoo The Power.
18 Jun 2021, 14:07 Killed at level 331 by Capitain Bluebeav, Gowdac Ppowezki, Wicked, Koda Warlord, Conviicto, Bolander, Sleutjes, Rike Sex, Cyclopao Dog and by Bagre Surfista.
15 Jun 2021, 20:59 Killed at level 331 by Fab Milico, Najzin, Ericck Olldtimes, Romulothz, Gorilla Zord, Vovo Is Maconheiro, Coloral Elpatron, Buchanans, Rzez Cie and by Shorkss.
15 Jun 2021, 20:47 Killed at level 331 by Floyd Dyers, Netin Das Alagoas, Davidzovisk, Element, Briin Ca, Pribizinho, Shorkss, Coje Viejos, El Comunista, Najzin, Lord Zarpaoo, Rzez Cie, Carrerinhacpsz, Supremaszrufus and by Cristal Emanuely.

Frags List
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Experience History
EXP Today
not gain exp (experience total)
-7.078.385 (experience total)
-7.312.815 (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
-11.167.418 (experience total)
+54.352 (experience total)
-7.412.441 (experience total)

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427, Master Sorcerer

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