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Character Information
Name:Method Dreadon
Profession:Master Sorcerer
Residence:Ice City Vip
Marital status:single
Last login:2 September 2023, 9:58 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 30%
Tasks: 17%

31 Aug 2023, 15:50 Killed at level 513 by Oliver Palladino, Pagep Rushadao, Furious Evull, Latuz Unhackable, Sr Marihuano, Acincronico, Master Tech, Mulekona, Kimetsu No Yaiba, Liverpool, Comandante Riptor and by giant spider.
31 Aug 2023, 15:47 Killed at level 514 by Ms Rusheador, Oliver Palladino, Furious Evull, Tiro Loco, Elder Biiblack, Black Crazyi, Mza Omaisprocurado, Patito Jogaeasy, Orishas, Luisitoxd, Master Tech, Flow Mafiaa, Colono, Beverly, Corsero, Nosi Os, Vulgo Andre, Muffyn, Muleke Asesino, Acincronico, Mikipower, Pagep Rushadao and by Dolohov.
28 Aug 2023, 19:47 Killed at level 514 by Vulgo Andre, Pirilampo Samera, Driws, Mata Ninguem, William Do Brait, Beverly and by Bolalj.
25 Aug 2023, 19:44 Died at level 512 by diabolic imp, a fury, a betrayed wraith, a Hellfire Fighter, a dark torturer, a defiler, a Fire Elemental, a destroyer, a beholder, a bog raider, a hellspawn and by demon.
24 Aug 2023, 16:00 Killed at level 512 by Mulekao, Eletronic, Morreuvolta and by Mata Toplv.
15 Aug 2023, 23:56 Died at level 510 by medusa, a serpent spawn and by behemoth.
12 Aug 2023, 18:45 Died at level 507 by medusa and by serpent spawn.
12 Aug 2023, 12:55 Died at level 507 by behemoth, a serpent spawn and by dragon lord.
11 Aug 2023, 11:01 Killed at level 507 by Ronaldiinho, Mata Toplv, Fel Rushadao, Corinthiiano, Bluebell and by Assombror.
8 Aug 2023, 04:14 Died at level 505 by dragon lord and by clay guardian.

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1- Havoc Byt
1847, Elder Druid
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3- Aways Out
832, Elder Druid
4- Macumbeiro
829, Master Sorcerer
5- Hiiguliine
804, Master Sorcerer

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