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Character Information
Name:Mestre Do Desastre
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Member of the Cry Newbies
Last login:23 January 2023, 11:20 pm
Comment:EXIVA AE :D
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 35%
Tasks: 07%

23 Jan 2023, 23:35 Killed at level 288 by Warax Warbeast, Bysen Warbeast, Toinsz Dubaiak, Humberto Warbeast, Brsiete, Zsxwkeqxd, Shhiimokado, Hanter Warbeast, Alex Warbeast, Navigator, Bryz Warbeast, Argentina Campeaoo, Ackor Warbeast and by Danto Warbeast.
23 Jan 2023, 23:20 Killed at level 288 by Brsiete, Zxcore Warbeast, Bysen Warbeast, Toinsz Dubaiak, Elznock, Zsxwkeqxd, Argentina Campeaoo, Hanter Warbeast, Ackor Warbeast, Danto Warbeast, Navigator, El Kiko Warbeast, Killer Man, Shhiimokado, Bryz Warbeast, Warax Warbeast, Humberto Warbeast, Zeuzz Warbeast and by Alex Warbeast.
23 Jan 2023, 23:13 Killed at level 288 by El Kiko Warbeast, Bysen Warbeast, Shhiimokado, Humberto Warbeast, Zsxwkeqxd, Zxcore Warbeast, Warax Warbeast, Alex Warbeast, Zeuzz Warbeast, Navigator, Hanter Warbeast, Elznock, Bryz Warbeast, Argentina Campeaoo and by Brsiete.
23 Jan 2023, 22:56 Killed at level 288 by Argentina Campeaoo, Killer Man, Zsxwkeqxd, El Kiko Warbeast, Zeuzz Warbeast, Humberto Warbeast, Danto Warbeast, Brsiete, Elznock, Kommanche Warbeast, Warax Warbeast, Sueco, Bryz Warbeast, Maguiin Shoow and by Bysen Warbeast.
23 Jan 2023, 22:54 Killed at level 288 by Humberto Warbeast, Zsxwkeqanf, Zsxwkeqxd, Gordola Of Theking, Argentina Campeaoo, Danto Warbeast, El Kiko Warbeast, Shhiimokado, Kommanche Warbeast, Killer Man, Warax Warbeast, Zeuzz Warbeast, Bysen Warbeast, Born Pobrema, Bryz Warbeast, Alex Warbeast, Hanter Warbeast and by Navigator.
23 Jan 2023, 22:49 Killed at level 288 by Killer Man, Zeuzz Warbeast, Alex Warbeast, Navigator, Hanter Warbeast, Zsxwkeqanf, Elznock, Bryz Warbeast, Zsxwkeqxd, Brsiete, Argentina Campeaoo, Warax Warbeast, El Kiko Warbeast, Kommanche Warbeast, Shhiimokado, Bysen Warbeast and by Primo Tristan Tate.
23 Jan 2023, 22:45 Killed at level 288 by Danto Warbeast, Elznock, Zsxwkeqanf, Killer Man, Brsiete, Bryz Warbeast, Shhiimokado, Hanter Warbeast, Zeuzz Warbeast, Zsxwkeqxd, Kommanche Warbeast, Navigator, Humberto Warbeast, Warax Warbeast and by El Kiko Warbeast.
23 Jan 2023, 22:44 Killed at level 288 by Hanter Warbeast, Danto Warbeast, Bysen Warbeast, Kommanche Warbeast, El Kiko Warbeast, Killer Man, Elznock, Zsxwkeqxd, Zxcore Warbeast, Brsiete, Bryz Warbeast, Zeuzz Warbeast, Humberto Warbeast, Navigator, Zsxwkeqanf, Shhiimokado and by Toinsz Dubaiak.
23 Jan 2023, 22:37 Killed at level 288 by Killer Man, Zxcore Warbeast, Kommanche Warbeast, Zsxwkeqanf, Toinsz Dubaiak, Humberto Warbeast, Bysen Warbeast, Zeuzz Warbeast, Warax Warbeast, Argentina Campeaoo, Navigator, Shhiimokado, Elznock, Hanter Warbeast, Zsxwkeqxd, Brsiete and by Vovo Psicopata.
17 Jan 2023, 23:52 Killed at level 289 by Argentina Campeaoo, Bysen Warbeast, Bistek Warbeast, Iam Not Robot, Missa Warbeast, Kommanche Warbeast, El Kiko Warbeast, Tumama Fue Mia, Zeuzz Warbeast, Danto Warbeast, Kyshow Relax, Elder Mohamedzor, Skk Warbeast, Ackor Warbeast, Hanter Warbeast, Alex Warbeast, Lowcy Warbeast, Tropado Fluminense and by Pouco Pra Entender.

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