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Character Information
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Last login:14 July 2021, 10:28 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 9.947.500 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 39%
Tasks: 05%

1 Apr 2021, 05:38 Died at level 273 by draken warmaster, a lizard high guard and by draken spellweaver.
25 Mar 2021, 18:59 Died at level 266 by western undead and by juggernaut.
24 Mar 2021, 01:58 Died at level 266 by medusa, Ivar The Bonelless and by Soul Oroshi.
23 Mar 2021, 01:06 Killed at level 263 by Saymex, Primo Jor Ch, Leonzito, Push On, Dream On, Argentina, Awesome Carlos, Primo Farmeador, Primo Cheko, Primo Perryn, Natelinho, Primo Sunoz, Primo Pato, Primo Luiszk, Supremaszltn, Zexcore, Tank Do Exercito, Malone and by Plinzhokv.
23 Mar 2021, 01:01 Killed at level 263 by Primo Midnight, Dream On, Primo Sunoz, Saymex, Natelinho, Primo Luiszk, Tank Do Exercito, Primo Cheko, Argentina, Supremaszltn, Eric Amaxota, Primo Jor Ch, Primo Pato, Primo Perryn, Malone and by Julio Qi Legendary.
23 Mar 2021, 00:52 Killed at level 263 by Argentina, Primo Jor Ch, Dream On, Tank Do Exercito, Leonzito, Eric Amaxota, Awesome Carlos, Druid Cansado, Primo Sunoz, Primo Luiszk, Primo Pato, Natelinho, Primo Perryn, Julio The Tortura, Primo Midnight, Push On, Saymex and by Chacal Legend.
16 Mar 2021, 22:54 Killed at level 254 by Przytlaczajacy, Draxler, Juventus, Frc Six, Syoot, Mohamed Salah, Djokovic and by Lord Zarpaoo.
9 Mar 2021, 23:22 Killed at level 247 by Primo Cheko, Suggarbaby Nick, Primo Sunoz, Druid Cansado, Lord Psd, Primo Perryn, Primo Pisto, Saymex, Primo Javo, Primo Polety, Argentina, Kakady, Supremaszciqui and by The Best Ed.
9 Mar 2021, 23:04 Killed at level 247 by Lord Psd, Saymex, Primo Elistow, Nauczyciel Brunim, Primo Sunoz, Primo Cheko, Primo Midnight, Primo Polety, Supremaszclwn, Argentina, Primo Pisto, Druid Cansado, Primo Perryn, Primo Javo, Suggarbaby Nick, Zir Mage, Kakady, Tank Do Exercito, Azor Wakz, The Best Ed and by Cade Chinelo.
9 Mar 2021, 22:59 Killed at level 247 by Primo Cheko, Supremaszclwn, Tank Do Exercito, Saymex, Primo Pisto, Primo Midnight, Watenga, Azor Wakz, Understandable Son, Primo Polety, Nauczyciel Brunim, Zir Mage, Primo Javo, Maxuel, Primo Sunoz, Druid Cansado, Lord Psd, Primo Perryn, Kakady, Suggarbaby Nick, Pedriitok and by Cade Chinelo.

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1- Jon Jones
1457, Elite Knight
2- Kaya Kush Power
455, Elder Druid
3- Imperador Khal
454, Elite Knight
4- Feared Drulol
454, Elder Druid
5- Marubts
454, Royal Paladin

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