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Character Information
Name:King Bryz
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Last login:8 June 2022, 9:39 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 49.471.324 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 25%
Tasks: 07%

8 Jun 2022, 09:38 Died at level 264 by dragon lord.
30 May 2022, 22:49 Killed at level 250 by Pribizinha, Cirius Black, Spartan Remin, Marte, Manyi, Bilagam Baalf, Spartan Bzera, Alias Renzito, Advanced, King Zeuzz, Dko Skirk, Thoth Volandih, Reockerr, Davi Originall, King Chuchee and by Dazzler Rules.
30 May 2022, 22:43 Killed at level 250 by Spartan Remin, Camdirczerwony, King Zeuzz, Huga Tomar, Davi Originall, Manyi, Wizzahar, Bilagam Baalf, The Joker, Pittol Storm, Thoth Volandih, King Bryz and by King Chuchee.
30 May 2022, 22:42 Killed at level 250 by Cirius Black, Spartan Remin, Sr Sicariiox, Impro Vision, King Chuchee and by Camdirczerwony.
30 May 2022, 22:15 Killed at level 250 by Spartan Markiin, Spartan Remin, Impro Vision, Konieczs, Breno Causaintrlga, Spartan Bzera, King Chuchee, Davi Originall, Spartan Bluns, Advanced, Elodrynn, Meucuh, Hooligan, , Mage Merlin, Vulgo Luciano, Huga Tomar and by Manyi.
30 May 2022, 22:05 Killed at level 250 by Spartan Markiin, Davi Originall, Hehe, Mage Merlin, Meucuh, Konieczs, Elodrynn, Spartan Remin, Hooligan, , Spartan Big, Spartan Bluns, Savage Alex, Huga Tomar, Advanced, Impro Vision, Manyi and by Cirius Black.
30 May 2022, 21:52 Killed at level 251 by Hehe, Davi Originall, Itachi Kun, Spartan Bzera, Spartan Bluns, Spartan Remin, Mage Merlin, Elodrynn, Benx, Meucuh, Vulgo Luciano, Dazzler Rules and by Manyi.
2 Mar 2022, 00:57 Killed at level 251 by Dasew, Uopilot, Saymex, Vima, Skull Black, Preto Pretinho, Rnzk Best Ed, Primo Elistow, Felipaoo Playhard, Dx Cup, Sddsd, Psy Forest, Primo Kina, Dontcry Luansz, and by Fast Up.
1 Mar 2022, 23:52 Killed at level 251 by Saymex, Uopilot, Pure, Dx Cup, Psy Forest, Rnzk Best Ed, Sddsd, Felipaoo Playhard, Huga Tomar, Fast Up, Skull Black, Big Dick Vinny, Preto Pretinho, Primo Sunoz, Primo Elistow and by Dawson.
5 Jan 2022, 22:46 Killed at level 251 by Uopilot, Julio The Tortura, Roneyzor, Im Xnd Powerfull, Two Profit, Saymex, Dx Cup, Mathewzor Pro Hard, Cade Chinelo, Lidera, Tank De Guerra, Knocx Niew, Rnzk Best Ed and by King Bryz.

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Account Information
Real Name:Misael Castro Olivares
Location:Poza Rica, Ver
Created:26 December 2020, 12:27 am
Vip Status:VIP Account

1. BryzKaldrox
2. King BryzKaldrox

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