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Name:Fast Up
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Last login:1 February 2023, 2:39 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 35%
Tasks: 02%

18 Dec 2022, 00:02 Killed at level 475 by The Scripter, Maloqueiro Forward, Desgrasado, Ek Treze, Zsxwkeqps, Love Gil, Dicko Gogoboy, Akolaptronik, Marowak, Staticas and by Shunt.
8 Dec 2022, 19:46 Killed at level 475 by Komandoos, Dazzler, Huskar, Sunlight, Warrior Fairy, Jubikeranativa, Lulu Risadinha and by Pure.
7 Nov 2022, 10:06 Killed at level 476 by Warrior Fairy, Pure, Lulu Risadinha, Lower Rush, a draken warmaster and by draken spellweaver.
4 Nov 2022, 00:15 Killed at level 476 by Sunlight, Zsxwkeqps, Nikito Deboxah, Chapito Lomas and by .
16 Aug 2022, 01:00 Killed at level 471 by Neewt Scamander, Warwick, Paladin Slipknott, Duu Graujamau, Aleister Crowler and by John Dee.
8 Aug 2022, 01:12 Died at level 457 by hellhound, a plaguesmith, a juggernaut, a dark torturer, a fury, a hellfire fighter, a destroyer, a betrayed wraith, a diabolic imp, a undead dragon, a demon and by hellspawn.
6 Aug 2022, 16:08 Killed at level 456 by Rollo Compressor, Wraithheart, Warwick, Alone Warning and by Edward Talbot.
5 Aug 2022, 08:12 Died at level 454 by hellspawn, a hellfire fighter, a hellhound, a demon, a dark torturer, a diabolic imp, a destroyer, a betrayed wraith and by fury.
4 Aug 2022, 22:30 Killed at level 454 by Beer, Kevzor Inda House, Aposentado Thiago, Bloody Archeer, King Guizerah, Aposentado Joao, Aposentado Lucao and by Vitao.
4 Aug 2022, 01:14 Killed at level 453 by Hooligan, Sr Sicariiox, Sunlight, Birlo Automotriz and by Carteiro Fischer.

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