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Character Information
Name:Doninha Pegou Red
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Member of the IGNITE
Last login:1 July 2021, 11:27 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 00%
Tasks: 00%

6 Apr 2021, 23:10 Killed at level 203 by Gorilla Zord, Komandoos, Reii Mago, Remin, Dbonex, Abobus Dois, Cyxx, Macole, Gowayugom, Zykalswxjiexawqx, Kapizh, Nordmyrendiin, Punhetinha, Ruan Dez, Kamix, Julio Qi Legendary, Warwick, Rayz Buwe, Coroa Boladao, Bebito Fiufiu and by Saymex.
5 Apr 2021, 22:19 Killed at level 203 by Saniius, Wahuiystogho, Dori Me, Lombradinzitos, Blunszerah, Very Puta, Cassiim, Julio The Tortura, Alastor, Rush, Chapeco, Eddim Awesome, Navik, Corona, Mohhamad Master and by El Sacro.
3 Apr 2021, 01:27 Killed at level 203 by Aloke, Turox Sharon, Psychrolutes, Cutter, Roll Zin, Protheus, Gnik Serphirot, La Vie Est Belle, Bacon Watengo, Jckor Withoutproxy, Embrasei, Extreme Ed, Umgb, Kingtank, Joanzinho, Pallitoo, Jjgnht Dnefgn, Ericck Olldtimes, Laka Negro, Dantas, Ixchel and by Oferenda.
3 Apr 2021, 00:53 Killed at level 203 by Killing Machine, , Kaballah, Itz Takashi, Protheus, Sinistro Gate, Macole Rox, , Ed Odin and by Ruan Dez.
1 Apr 2021, 02:49 Killed at level 203 by Primo Cheko, Primo Javo, Primo Elistow, Primo Pisto, El Chitoo Po, Natelinho, Vandane, Julio The Tortura, Two Profit, Primo Pato, Zexcore, Ackor and by Saymex.
1 Apr 2021, 02:29 Killed at level 203 by Primo Cheko, Primo Midnight, Primo Javo, Lk Linkz, Primo Elistow, Primo Pato, Julio The Tortura, Primo Pisto, El Chitoo Po, Natelinho, Zexcore and by Ackor.
1 Apr 2021, 02:21 Killed at level 203 by Primo Javo, Primo Midnight, Natelinho, Julio The Tortura, Primo Elistow, Vandane, Lk Linkz, Two Profit, Ackor, Saymex, Zexcore, Primo Cheko, El Chitoo Po, Primo Pato, Lidera and by Pyffler.
1 Apr 2021, 01:33 Killed at level 204 by Primo Elistow, Primo Farmeador, Two Profit, Primo Javo, Vandane, Ackor, Primo Pisto, El Chitoo Po, Natelinho, Primo Midnight, Primo Hummer, Primo Perryn, Primo Pato, Primo Cheko and by Primo Polety.
1 Apr 2021, 00:52 Killed at level 204 by Nieuniknione Wasaa, Ajrd, Lord Malignus, Meelckyz, Lord Avergrs, Dione and by Panhrak.
31 Mar 2021, 23:23 Killed at level 204 by Primo Midnight, Old Azalea, Primo Elistow, Julio The Tortura, Argentina, Zexcore, King Bryz, Primo Pato, Two Profit, Miki, Natelinho, King Zeuzz, Saymex and by Wizest.

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Account Information
Real Name:Carlos Daniel
Created:11 January 2021, 9:22 pm
Vip Status:VIP Account

1. Bolado XdKaldrox
2. Doninha Pegou RedKaldrox

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