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Character Information
Profession:Master Sorcerer
Marital status:single
Last login:20 August 2023, 1:11 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 12.127.460 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 35%
Tasks: 17%

19 Aug 2023, 16:43 Killed at level 576 by Hekkee, Fragen, Mr Jackoo, Igor Cwb Here and by El Dazzler.
19 Aug 2023, 06:16 Killed at level 575 by El Dazzler, Fragen, Moisees Rushadao, Optimus Iphone, Theia and by fury of ice.
18 Aug 2023, 13:43 Killed at level 574 by Dajas The Crash, Legolas Verde, Malthael, Pirilampo Samera and by Smith Victorious.
10 Aug 2023, 18:29 Killed at level 559 by Elian, Malthael, Pirilampo Samera and by fury of ice.
10 Aug 2023, 17:20 Killed at level 560 by Smith Victorious, Legolas Verde, Pirilampo Samera, Afonkorn, Dajas The Crash and by Favelado.
22 Jun 2023, 23:27 Killed at level 551 by Bluelabel Jwalker, Corsero, Baloo, Elian, Mounz Original, Bruno Glu and by fury of ice.
13 Jun 2023, 15:48 Killed at level 542 by Don Zarpao, Memoxi Fullbravo, Ramzan, Sebas Boin, Haardstyle, Jubikera Microonda, Wila Hormif, Voul, Scripter Dos, Paquiibafrigo, Koringa Rushadao, The Candelier, Boneco Ladraozin, Flamwizard, Last Time, Mobolla and by Mr Fragen.
13 Jun 2023, 15:43 Killed at level 542 by Wila Hormif, Ramzan, Paquiibafrigo, Haardstyle, Voul, Don Zarpao, Scripter Dos, The Candelier, Jubikera Microonda and by Mini Chuy.
13 Jun 2023, 15:31 Killed at level 543 by The Candelier, Likae, Boneco Ladraozin, Memoxi Fullbravo, Paquiibafrigo, Mini Chuy, Jubikera Microonda, Sebas Boin, Pawn, Ramzan, Wila Hormif, Scripter Dos, Mobolla, Noo Panic, Don Zarpao and by Haardstyle.
3 Jun 2023, 13:15 Killed at level 543 by Capitao Poluicao, Buhu, Koksonovsky, Druidyn, Sirkiki, Flamwizard and by Notoriouz.

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1- Dazzler Toplvl
1790, Master Sorcerer
2- Mary
784, Elder Druid
3- Macumbeiro
761, Master Sorcerer
4- Dazzler
757, Elder Druid
5- Igor Cwb Here
754, Master Sorcerer

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