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Character Information
Name:Chaves Revoltado
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Member of the hard to win
Last login:30 January 2022, 9:51 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 247.248 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 45%
Tasks: 11%

28 Jan 2022, 00:34 Killed at level 274 by War Veteran, Primo Norsky, Primo Midnight, Smiley, Ana De Armas, Primo Pisto, Primo Weroek, Barcelona, Alfi Onymiami, Ackor, Navik, Primo Javoh, El Chitoo Po, Primo Perryn, Druid Cansado, Mestre Do Desastre, Levii Ackerman, Lidera, Metemelo, Primo Elistow and by Pallyzeen War.
28 Jan 2022, 00:24 Killed at level 274 by Lidera, Primo Norsky, Primo Luiszk, Primo Sunoz, Barcelona, Smiley, Primo Pisto, El Chitoo Po, Humbertito, Mestre Do Desastre, Alfi Onymiami, Madrada Undergang, Primo Midnight, Primo Perryn, Primo Weroek and by Levii Ackerman.
28 Jan 2022, 00:10 Killed at level 275 by Maazik, Primo Javoh, Primo Midnight, El Chitoo Po, Primo Luiszk, Primo Pisto, Madrada Undergang, Metemelo, Humbertito, Dawson, Druid Cansado, Pvp Bound, War Veteran, Primo Weroek, Smiley, Lidera, Primo Sunoz, Saymex, Uopilot and by Rnzk Best Ed.
28 Jan 2022, 00:04 Killed at level 275 by Primo Pisto, Primo Sunoz, Druid Cansado, Primo Luiszk, Mestre Do Desastre, Ana De Armas, Alfi Onymiami, Primo Midnight, Barcelona, Madrada Undergang, Smiley, Primo Perryn, Metemelo, Lidera, Primo Weroek, War Veteran, Maazik, Chaves Revoltado, Rnzk Best Ed and by Vulgo Luciano.
27 Jan 2022, 23:59 Killed at level 275 by Primo Perryn, Pikaboo, Pvp Bound, Lidera, Primo Luiszk, Madrada Undergang, El Chitoo Po, Alfi Onymiami, War Veteran, Primo Pisto, Maazik, Mestre Do Desastre, Metemelo, Chaves Revoltado, and by Druid Cansado.
26 Jan 2022, 23:39 Killed at level 275 by Legendarny Musk, Legendarny Samuel, Skewed, Legendarny Rhayllan, Legendarny Wool, Levii Ackerman, Grimheim, Playing High, Dex Ter, Mago Vei, Nemo King, Rufus Jango, Legendarny Moow, Legendarny Blowz, Legendarny Pnlwo and by Saymex.
26 Jan 2022, 23:10 Killed at level 275 by Nemo King, Legendarny Musk, Legendarny Menor, Legendarny Indio, Legendarny Pnlwo, Legendarny Wool, Cleytinho Rasta, Legendarny Waar, Legendarny Rhayllan, Playing High, Mv Healer, Legendarny Nando, Jarquin, Skewed, Legendarny Samuel, Grimheim and by Mago Vei.
26 Jan 2022, 22:57 Killed at level 275 by Legendarny Indio, Legendarny Wool, Cleytinho Rasta, Grimheim, Bigbosszao Roludao, Mv Healer, Legendarny Rhayllan, Jarquin, Legendarny Waar, Legendarny Menor, Skewed, Mago Vei, Legendarny Blowz, Heall Bllack, Rique, Rnzk Best Ed and by Legendarny Moow.
26 Jan 2022, 22:42 Killed at level 275 by Legendarny Samuel, Legendarny Musk, Legendarny Rhayllan, Nemo King, Legendarny Pnlwo, Legendarny Menor, Cleytinho Rasta, Legendarny Waar, Legendarny Indio, Mv Healer, Bigbosszao Roludao, Rufus Jango, Legendarny Wool, Jarquin, Legendarny Blowz and by Playing High.
24 Jan 2022, 23:56 Killed at level 275 by Tora, Aayv, Pszyanek, Daxl Ghanebarra, Raul, Enzo Gabriel, Brazylijski, Kuwait, Dixtra, Ekiizdee, Cletus Carries Ham, Vinicim Meterror, Pyffler, Saiko The Rainmaker, Floyd The Rainmaker, Maedhros, Beethoven, Snowyz, Gth Filho, Dx Cup and by Imperador Kst.

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