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Character Information
Name:Branca De Neves
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Member of the P2W
Last login:3 February 2023, 2:39 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 50%
Tasks: 11%

1 Feb 2023, 22:47 Killed at level 549 by Davi Patrocinado, Memoxith, Old Alexo, Ruzik, Zarpaao, Yii Brian, Pzk Notarget, Fat Blood, El Kingzeen, Chapito Lomas, Ice Storm, Full Assault, Wizest, Pribizinho, Jact Depressao, Amphetamine, Mounz Original, Peuzeuras, How To Peace, Akiseiskai and by Hyt Mensofit.
29 Jan 2023, 21:38 Killed at level 547 by Adony Style, Totoz, Leitao Cabuloso, Skull Black, Rusha No Sio, Fat Blood, Marte, Carmen Lucia, Dalsinhs Slowmod, Zoo York, Bigzin, Coronel Billy, Bielzerahs, Eulinho Griffiin, Amphetamine, Alexxo, Hypocrite, Masmok, Pars, Davi Patrocinado, Andy Vidado, Kinzx Speedy and by Lewzplync Forehead.
29 Jan 2023, 21:30 Killed at level 548 by Sahara, Respeto, Coronel Billy, Love Gil, Dazzler Maniakko, Bielzerahs, Amphetamine, Moralhs, Hypocrite, Rusha No Sio, Kenji Elderovsky and by Komandoos.
29 Jan 2023, 21:29 Killed at level 548 by Kenji Elderovsky, Carmen Lucia, Skull Black, Kinzx Speedy, Bigzin, Coronel Billy, Marte, Method Dreadon, Mounz Jr, Nw Full Koka, Totoz, Davi Patrocinado, Gryffiador and by El Kingzeen.
29 Jan 2023, 21:23 Killed at level 549 by Coronel Billy, Totoz, Marte, Carmen Lucia, Eulinho Griffiin, Kenji Elderovsky, Dalsinhs Slowmod, Moralhs, Peuzeras, Bigzin, Bielzerahs, Zoo York, Fat Blood, Feeling Irie, Respeto, Skull Black, Gryffiador, Komandoos, Method Dreadon, Kinzx Speedy, Quentinhe, Andy Vidado, Davi Patrocinado, How To Peace, El Kingzeen, Wilzin Groove On and by Mounz Jr.
29 Jan 2023, 21:13 Killed at level 549 by Sahara, Fearless Confused, Kinzx Speedy, Totoz, Moralhs, Dazzler Maniakko, Bigzin, Eulinho Griffiin, Respeto, Marte, Amphetamine, Method Dreadon, Coronel Billy, Bielzerahs, Rusha No Sio, Quentinhe, Juanbar, Davi Patrocinado, How To Peace and by Branca De Neves.
29 Jan 2023, 21:09 Killed at level 550 by Totoz, Bigzin, Hypocrite, Marte, Respeto, Coronel Billy, Adony Style, Method Dreadon, Fat Blood, Dazzler Maniakko, Zoo York, El Kingzeen, Davi Patrocinado and by Wilzin Groove On.
29 Jan 2023, 21:04 Killed at level 550 by Carmen Lucia, Alexxo, Rusha No Sio, Marte, Sahara, Fat Blood, Totoz, Amphetamine, Adony Style, Respeto, Hypocrite, El Kingzeen and by Wilzin Groove On.
29 Jan 2023, 21:02 Killed at level 551 by Amphetamine, Totoz, Fat Blood, Coronel Billy, Adony Style, How To Peace, Carmen Lucia, Juanbar and by Jubikeranativa.
24 Jan 2023, 13:57 Died at level 547 by betrayed wraith, Mary Original, Amphetamine, Neoo and by lost soul.

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Experience History
EXP Today
not gain exp (experience total)
+14.936.381 (experience total)
+12.321.730 (experience total)
-7.513.788 (experience total)
+20.560.381 (experience total)
+16.771.316 (experience total)
-47.369.449 (experience total)
+14.339.813 (experience total)

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708, Royal Paladin

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