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Security of your account
Due to a good time of operation and several methods taken by STAFF related to interventions aimed at helping the player, we come once more the conclusion ... STAFF can not be overloaded by solving problems created by players in relation to the neglect of their accounts generating perca of the same, or characters and items that it contains.
In summary we will faithfully obey the rule that already exists on the server:
Serv Rules
10 - All players are fully responsible for their accounts and items, administration is not responsible for loss or theft of items.
1 - Only you have unique and exclusive access to your accounts.
2 - Use valid emails, you can use the same email in multiple accounts.
3 - Have strong passwords. (Example: SouNoB12y44R or rAyEAxUEaAryVU3h)
4 - Register your account and protect your RK.
5 - You will never have someone trustworthy in tibia other than yourself, do not trust other people.
6 - Do not invite any other players into your house.
7 - We do not make sweepstakes or promotion by sending letters to players, whenever you have promotions or sweepstakes this will be officially announced on the site and always hesitate, search, ask the tutors, open a ticket on the site learn to question and seek information...
8 - Never create accounts that are the same on other servers or even on TibiaRL.
9 - Do not negotiate characters with another player is always wrong and someone loses.
10 - Do not exchange items between servers besides being prohibited you have a 98% chance of losing your items.
11 - Do not enter links provided by players or letters, always make sure to access our official link,
12 - Do not accept script from other players, besides having a great risk of having viruses can have commands of Drop Items that with a word your char throws all the items on the ground.
13 - When leaving the computer do not let your BOT char drop area spells you run a great risk of catching RED and losing your items, whatever protection you use an hour the guys can bull your safety.
14 - Make sure your items are saved, whenever you make any changes to your character or make any achievements, re-log the character to make sure everything is saved, be more careful about your possessions do not just wait for the server and avoid future problems.
Of course we are always looking for improvements and breakthroughs to help in the security of your account, but no one better than yourself to protect your data follow all of our above tips and be happy getting big trouble free.
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Players Online
Top Experience
1- Phantom
1713, Master Sorcerer
2- El Dazzler
703, Master Sorcerer
3- Koda
690, Master Sorcerer
4- Vikings
680, Elite Knight
5- Marte
678, Master Sorcerer

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