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Back The Horned Fox
General information
Experience: 200
Speed: 210
Life: 265
Summonable: false
Convinceable: false
Armor: 17
Defense: 16

Offensive and Defensive
Name Parameters
Melee Attacks approximately every 2 seconds.
Spell Deals approximately 85 damage per turn.
Healing Recovers approximately 50 health per turn.
Invisible Cast approximately and randomly every 1 seconds.

Summons Voices
13% of chance to summon an minotaur archer
13% of chance to summon an minotaur guard
13% of chance to summon an minotaur mage
"You will never get me!"
"I'll be back!"
"Catch me, if you can!"
"Help me, boys!"

Elements and Immunities
Immunities: Invisible |

Loot Information
Img Item Rarity Percent
0 - 22 Gold Coin Always 100,00%
Fishing Rod Uncommon 50,03%
Chain Legs Rare 24,98%
Nose Ring Always 100,00%
Dwarven Helmet Rare 24,98%
Stealth Ring Rare 24,98%
0 - 14 Piercing Bolt Common 71,40%
Brass Armor Uncommon 50,03%
Meat Rare 24,98%
Hatchet Rare 24,98%
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1- Phantom
1713, Master Sorcerer
2- El Dazzler
703, Master Sorcerer
3- Koda
690, Master Sorcerer
4- Vikings
680, Elite Knight
5- Marte
678, Master Sorcerer

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