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Back Gladiator
General information
Experience: 90
Speed: 200
Life: 185
Summonable: false
Convinceable: false
Armor: 20
Defense: 22

Offensive and Defensive
Name Parameters
Melee Attacks approximately every 2 seconds.
Speed Cast approximately and randomly every 1 seconds.

Summons Voices
This monster can't summon anyone. "You are no match for me!"
"Feel my prowess"
"Take this!"

Elements and Immunities

Loot Information
Img Item Rarity Percent
Plate Shield Rare 23,93%
Mace Rare 33,15%
Chain Helmet Very Rare 16,58%
0 - 26 Gold Coin Uncommon 57,53%
Sword Rare 32,55%
Meat Uncommon 59,55%
Brass Armor Ultra Rare 5,55%
Steel Shield Ultra Rare 2,48%
Iron Helmet Ultra Rare 1,20%
Belted Cape Ultra Rare 1,80%
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1- Phantom
1710, Master Sorcerer
2- El Dazzler
703, Master Sorcerer
3- Koda
685, Master Sorcerer
4- Vikings
680, Elite Knight
5- Marte
675, Master Sorcerer

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