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Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on Kaldrox on Mar 26 2021.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Ericck Olldtimes (The King) Elder Druid 309 offline
Humillytpplmza Elite Knight 395 online
Larry Blanka (Famous) Elite Knight 380 online
Vice-Leader Ameno Revoltz (-.-) Elder Druid 240 offline
Quentine Mercenary (...) Royal Paladin 320 offline
Warrick Dangerszyk Elite Knight 325 online
Member Ajrd Elder Druid 247 offline
Albin Budala Master Sorcerer 301 offline
Anta Cagano Royal Paladin 211 online
Arcanjo Renegadoo Royal Paladin 382 offline
Arkalys Kasein Royal Paladin 307 offline
Babydoll Elder Druid 104 online
Badszyn ($.$) Elder Druid 177 offline
Boby Famoso Ed Elder Druid 167 offline
Bomb Master Master Sorcerer 358 online
Brahmeiro Elite Knight 234 offline
Bruzeirah Royal Paladin 252 offline
Buhu (Polish King) Royal Paladin 392 online
Cigarrin Duvidoso (Vai Um Push ?) Royal Paladin 301 offline
Cloud Black Elder Druid 286 offline
Croopex (Korvbagare) Master Sorcerer 325 offline
Danilo Ruim Master Sorcerer 185 offline
Double Black (Chines Apelao) Royal Paladin 309 offline
Druidzera Elder Druid 217 offline
Dugaiis Elder Druid 307 offline
Dupai Royal Paladin 331 online
Edzao Elder Druid 211 offline
Ekzao Elite Knight 228 offline
Espirito De Morte Elder Druid 196 offline
Exit (Tjack) Elder Druid 302 offline
Experimental (d [-.-] b) Elder Druid 242 offline
Fabz (Aguia - 27) Elite Knight 402 offline
Foragido (Loveferraz, Rei do pix) Elite Knight 308 offline
Frizze (@GiOVANEE) Elder Druid 316 offline
Genevh Elite Knight 297 offline
Grifinoria Elder Druid 257 offline
Griskyz Elite Knight 178 offline
Guidoscripts Elder Druid 290 online
Hallzinhas Kk Royal Paladin 202 offline
Humillytmzaa Elite Knight 395 offline
Ironman Powerzyk Master Sorcerer 278 offline
Jagermeister (SURFA) Elder Druid 294 offline
Jay Jay Elite Knight 294 offline
Jegue Froxo Paladin 211 online
Jester Flame Elder Druid 254 offline
Jhowzinho Oldtimes Elder Druid 282 offline
Kalia (Rafao da droga) Master Sorcerer 265 offline
Kilua (Mata rindo) Elite Knight 51 offline
Kimura Master Sorcerer 235 offline
Kioxlzspaxz Elder Druid 215 offline
Lady Bekka Elite Knight 207 offline
Lendariio (MCZ) Royal Paladin 160 offline
Lord Malignus (Prosperity :~) Royal Paladin 229 offline
Louis Elite Knight 309 offline
Mac Lovin (Mike Lovin) Elder Druid 275 online
Mariner Elite Knight 319 offline
Mary Stuart Elite Knight 307 offline
Mata Kina Royal Paladin 295 online
Meelckyz (Surfou ai?) Elder Druid 257 offline
Meelkyz Elite Knight 329 offline
Mendesz Majesticky Elder Druid 146 offline
Mestre Do Desastre (Malvadao ta Na Area) Elder Druid 308 offline
Mula Manca Royal Paladin 251 online
Nidiin Bocafofa Elite Knight 166 offline
Nuke And Shoot Royal Paladin 268 offline
Nunao Arrogante Royal Paladin 308 offline
Nunesziin Royal Paladin 300 offline
Pachanga (papi) Elite Knight 308 online
Perfectypshmza Royal Paladin 400 offline
Pocoyoo Elite Knight 226 offline
Pumba (na gorduchinha) Master Sorcerer 257 offline
Push On Hotkeys Royal Paladin 343 offline
Queix Pega Master Sorcerer 296 offline
Revoando Master Sorcerer 240 offline
Rexona Avon Elder Druid 248 offline
Riquinho Ruim Master Sorcerer 196 offline
Rkm Black Royal Paladin 156 offline
Rpzao Royal Paladin 245 offline
Sebastiao Elder Druid 194 offline
Shaceje Master Sorcerer 334 online
Shivoxy Elder Druid 322 online
Shunt Royal Paladin 275 online
Sonny Di Corleone Elder Druid 335 online
Suden Black Elder Druid 260 offline
Szcandalohz Druid 129 offline
Talibam Elder Druid 384 online
Trzk Elder Druid 292 offline
Vevian Elder Druid 225 offline
Withe Acoisa Royal Paladin 213 online
Xamoxis Elder Druid 324 offline
Xerecada Elder Druid 224 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Alcool Apr 23 2021
Bisteca Suina May 12 2021
Damon May 15 2021
Free Man Apr 08 2021
Hypee Apr 21 2021
Jhonny Bravo Apr 15 2021
Kaos Death May 06 2021
Mage Apr 23 2021
Michelle Obama May 03 2021
Nevermore Mar 29 2021
Paputa Kipariu May 06 2021
Potenay Truz Apr 23 2021
Pushmax Ruim Jun 16 2021
Superfantastico May 10 2021
The Pally Mar 31 2021

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1- Canjica Tubarao
1428, Elder Druid
2- Little Killer
427, Master Sorcerer
3- Sleeperz
427, Master Sorcerer
4- Feared Drulol
427, Elder Druid
5- Kuririnn
427, Elder Druid

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