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Character Information
Name:Zeeni De Hat
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
Last login:12 June 2021, 3:41 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 33%
Tasks: 05%

7 Jun 2021, 14:44 Died at level 322 by western undead, Daniela Unknown and by western princess.
20 Apr 2021, 21:00 Killed at level 264 by Ruud, Humillytmza, Quentine Mercenary, Iniesta, Nauczyciel Theusz, Sonny Di Corleone and by Essencial.
20 Apr 2021, 20:22 Died at level 265 by grim reaper.
20 Apr 2021, 09:47 Killed at level 263 by Jhol Balada, Wrzeszczewice, Mariner, Magezao Rulex, Lauriin Is Back, Ericck Olldtimes, Grande and by Kalia.
19 Apr 2021, 21:49 Killed at level 263 by Understandable Son, Nasser, Osteox, Buchanans, Oxanaina, Royal Bonebreaker, Ruud, James Lafleur, Sayko, Shoker, Moresco Powerlift, Aspectum, Djokovic, Natelee, Leonzita, Chacal Legend, Ericck Olldtimes, Nidim Rei Delas, Iniesta, Like Toy Soldiers, Senhor Supremo, Pizza De Frango and by Luciano Monteiro.
19 Apr 2021, 21:47 Killed at level 263 by Aspectum, Essencial, Chacal Legend, Grande, Zeus, Jjgnht Dnefgn, Anndriindashow, Luciano Monteiro, Hallaca, Elian, Sayko, Viitao, Buchanans, Well Safadao, Oxanaina, Royal Bonebreaker and by Gnik Serphirot.
19 Apr 2021, 21:46 Killed at level 264 by Anndriindashow, Fearless Knox, Recalcado, Zeus, Buchanans, Djokovic, Infernal Paladin, Ericck Olldtimes, Libid Gel, Mariner, Understandable Son, Hallaca, Element, Chacal Legend, Pizza De Frango, Elian, Ek Ozzy Vaz, Shoker, Jjgnht Dnefgn and by Oxanaina.
19 Apr 2021, 21:43 Killed at level 264 by Element, Mariner, Oxanaina, Hired Killer, Zeus, Calango Do Mangue, Understandable Son, Senhor Supremo, Albin Budala, Moresco Powerlift, Chacal Legend, Aspectum, Leonzita, Natelee, Burca, Anndriindashow, Acko, Osteox, Juliet Burke and by Nasser.
19 Apr 2021, 21:42 Killed at level 265 by Essencial, Holy Mage, Nidim Rei Delas, Koda, Carrera Is Beck, Ericck Olldtimes, Caio Dry Ice, Ruud and by Cris Fenix.
19 Apr 2021, 19:14 Killed at level 265 by Vanish, Pikdgato, Humillytmza, Caio Dry Ice, Ericck Olldtimes and by Winston Azul.

Frags List
Frags Justified
Frags Unjustified

Experience History
EXP Today
+13.630.653 (experience total)
+14.765.927 (experience total)
+17.502.577 (experience total)
+14.572.654 (experience total)
+16.414.893 (experience total)
+15.452.443 (experience total)
+15.992.618 (experience total)
+16.439.632 (experience total)

Account Information
Real Name:Vfdhdf Hdfhdf
Created:28 December 2020, 8:54 am
Vip Status:VIP Account

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