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Character Information
Profession:Elite Knight
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Member of the Malvera 2009
Last login:18 June 2021, 6:11 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 33%
Tasks: 11%

5 Jun 2021, 15:17 Killed at level 321 by Rpz Dez, Lord Nihilus, Maker Seis, Palla, Lord Grievous, Lord Archer, Davy Deboxado and by Lord Joker.
22 May 2021, 13:03 Died at level 311 by undead dragon, a demon, a lost soul, a hellhound, a hellfire fighter and by blightwalker.
28 Apr 2021, 03:02 Killed at level 297 by Tavito, Ashleyr, Saik, Elite Americo, Chalino Mamarre and by Wxhys.
21 Apr 2021, 15:11 Died at level 288 by fury.
12 Apr 2021, 15:34 Died at level 282 by betrayed wraith, Katatau Hoston, Shrek, Mata Kina, Robinho Returns, Pallox Loyal, Elite Kharsek, Floki, Freeza, Ragnar Lordbrok, a hellfire fighter, a undead dragon, a juggernaut, a phantasm and by spectre.
8 Mar 2021, 18:29 Died at level 230 by hellhound, a dark torturer, a phantasm, a undead dragon, a juggernaut, an infernalist, a ghastly dragon, a phantasm, a betrayed wraith, a warlock, a fire elemental, a lost soul, a fire elemental, a demon and by medusa.
8 Mar 2021, 18:27 Died at level 230 by juggernaut, a lost soul, a medusa, a ghastly dragon, a hellhound, a betrayed wraith, a demon, a phantasm, a warlock, a fire elemental, a phantasm and by undead dragon.
8 Mar 2021, 18:25 Died at level 230 by warlock, a medusa, a lost soul, an infernalist, a demon, a hellhound, a undead dragon, a phantasm, a betrayed wraith, a ghastly dragon, a fire elemental and by phantasm.
7 Mar 2021, 17:10 Died at level 229 by infernalist, a fury, a plaguesmith, a fire elemental, a juggernaut and by warlock.
7 Mar 2021, 17:09 Died at level 230 by juggernaut, a plaguesmith, a fury, a fire elemental, an infernalist, a fire elemental, a fire elemental and by warlock.

Frags List
Frags Justified
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Experience History
EXP Today
+2.826.369 (experience total)
+5.072.107 (experience total)
+6.920.433 (experience total)
+6.320.703 (experience total)
+3.804.981 (experience total)
+1.455.153 (experience total)
+6.093.224 (experience total)
+7.729.542 (experience total)

Account Information
Real Name:Seri Tinga
Created:30 January 2021, 7:58 pm
Vip Status:VIP Account

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