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Character Information
Name:Rei Mago
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Member of the IGNITE
Last login:14 June 2021, 5:56 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Reason Comment Banned By Date Expires
Offensive Statement REGRA 5 [GM]-Kuster 14/06/2021, 18:05:03 21/06/2021, 18:05:03

Other Infos
Quests: 56%
Tasks: 02%

7 Jun 2021, 21:07 Killed at level 220 by Macumbeiro, Zeus Berserker, Arcangel Ed and by Badbunny Babe.
11 Apr 2021, 14:57 Killed at level 220 by Kuentine, Criminoso, Pikdgato, Perfectypshmza, Shikamaru, Druid Rainbow, Bdkz Hotzendorf, Caio Dry Ice, Draco, Arthurziin Veteran, Freak, Grifinoria, Sonny Di Corleone, Jadiinhow, Warrick Dangerszyk and by Brook Mcz.
11 Apr 2021, 14:42 Killed at level 220 by Warrick Dangerszyk, Kuentine, Jadiinhow, Iniesta, Perfectypshmza, Mano Sabota, Freak, Onec, Mary Do Golpe and by Gorillazord.
9 Apr 2021, 16:13 Killed at level 221 by Ivar The Bonelless, Stroukas, Tkina, Imperio and by Rei Mago.
9 Apr 2021, 16:09 Killed at level 221 by Tkina, Imperio, Stroukas, Jaozinho and by Rei Mago.
8 Apr 2021, 19:31 Killed at level 222 by Element, Dellacqua Style, Akawall Original, Pen Droky, Primo Norsky, Floodylider, Tacian, Leoncita and by Ann Rullez.
7 Apr 2021, 00:52 Killed at level 222 by Argentina and by Dusk.
7 Apr 2021, 00:46 Killed at level 222 by Primo Javo, Primo Farmeador, Primo Jor Ch, Primo Luiszk, Primo Midnight, Primo Cheko, Primo Joshuanex, Primo Sunoz, El Chitoo Po, Watengo, Dusk, Primo Polety, Argentina, Primo Hummer and by Tank Do Exercito.
6 Apr 2021, 23:35 Killed at level 222 by Destroying Neymar, Hyt Vitin, Pobierz, Nordmyrensiasz, Pizza De Abacaxi, Well Safadao, Rody Dez, Since Idefix, Macole, Bigzin, Riper, Nordmyrendavi, Koda, Remin, Nordmyrendaryl, Luciano Monteiro, Nordmyrenflpph, Gorilla Zord, Nitroxz, Cyxx, Resonance, Saymex and by Will Last Natto.
6 Apr 2021, 23:26 Killed at level 222 by Remin, Julio Qi Legendary, Punhetinha, Bigzin, Koda, Alucinator, Nordmyrenflpph, Izrail, Since Idefix, Nitroxz, Nordmyrendiin, Gorilla Zord, Riper, Nordmyrensiasz, Zeus Berserker, Flp Original, Cyxx, Zykalswxjiexawqx, Luciano Monteiro, Pizza De Abacaxi, Zoeh Mariah, Saymex and by Cade Chinelo.

Frags List
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Experience History
EXP Today
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
+18.180 (experience total)
+18.518 (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)

Account Information
Real Name:Jebrinha Dura
Created:9 January 2021, 5:49 pm
Vip Status:VIP Account [Banished until 21 June 2021, 18:05]

1. Rei MagoKaldrox

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