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Character Information
Name:Primo Sunoz
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Leader of the TIBIASKI
Last login:1 July 2022, 12:05 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 45%
Tasks: 00%

1 Jun 2022, 01:33 Killed at level 254 by Wizzahar, King Chuchee, Sir Fakemoster Ed, Savage Alex, Bimbo, Ery Que, Elerian Khas, Ed Pro, Sir Sicariiox, Humbertitito, Spartan Navoyork, Wiska De Frango, Alias Renzito, El Emperador Zurg, Hall, Tyriikahn and by Dontcry Luansz.
1 Jun 2022, 01:30 Killed at level 254 by Hall, Izebeki, Savage Alex, Bimbo, Elerian Khas, Tyriikahn, Humbertitito, Ed Pro, Ery Que, Sir Fakemoster Ed, Spartan Navoyork, Alias Renzito, Wizzahar, Primo Kina, Sir Sicariiox, Wiska De Frango, El Emperador Zurg, Knocx Niew and by Dontcry Luansz.
1 Jun 2022, 01:25 Killed at level 254 by Ery Que, Savage Alex, King Chuchee, Elerian Khas, Sir Sicariiox, Spartan Navoyork, Wizzahar, Primo Kina, Izebeki, Humbertitito, Metemelo, Bimbo, Primo Polety, Pikaboo and by Floyd Dyers.
1 Jun 2022, 01:03 Killed at level 254 by Hall, Wspominacipho, Izebeki, Spartan Navoyork, Sir Sicariiox, Elerian Khas, Bimbo, Wizzahar, Sir Fakemoster Ed, Backside, Alias Renzito, King Chuchee, Savage Alex, Primo Kina, Metemelo, Ed Dez and by Saymex.
1 Jun 2022, 01:00 Killed at level 254 by Hall, King Chuchee, Izebeki, Backside, Elerian Khas, Sir Sicariiox, Wizzahar, Ed Pro, Sir Fakemoster Ed, Wspominacipho, Spartan Navoyork, Ed Dez, Metemelo and by Saymex.
2 Mar 2022, 00:49 Killed at level 254 by Saymex, Vima, Skull Black, Uopilot, Fast Up, Rnzk Best Ed, Preto Pretinho, Psy Forest, Briin Ca, Dx Cup, , Sddsd, Primo Elistow, Dasew, Felipaoo Playhard, Dontcry Luansz, War Veteran, Primo Kina and by Maazik.
2 Mar 2022, 00:26 Killed at level 254 by Dontcry Luansz, Sddsd, Skull Black, , Preto Pretinho, Uopilot, Rnzk Best Ed, Dx Cup, Vima, Huga Tomar, Lucazsz, Psy Forest, Saymex, Big Dick Vinny, Ackor and by Piriguete Xd.
1 Mar 2022, 23:59 Killed at level 254 by Preto Pretinho, Saymex, Fast Up, Felipaoo Playhard, Psy Forest, Uopilot, Huga Tomar, Sddsd, Rnzk Best Ed, Dasew, Pure, Dontcry Luansz, Primo Elistow, Big Dick Vinny, Druid Cansado and by Skull Black.
28 Jan 2022, 00:27 Killed at level 254 by Druid Cansado, Saymex, Primo Norsky, Metemelo, Barcelona, Lidera, Alfi Onymiami, Mestre Do Desastre, Levii Ackerman, Ackor, Dawson, Humbertito, Smiley and by Primo Luiszk.
28 Jan 2022, 00:10 Died at level 254 by , Mancoo, Pallyzeen War, Saymex, Piconildo, Dijsgjsnb, Micael Sensato, Rnzk Best Ed, Sddsd, Psy Forest, Uopilot, Ed Pro, Dasew, Vulgo Luciano, Astroz, Knocx Niew, Chaves Revoltado, Stanley Ipkiss, Navik and by Kurty.

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Account Information
Real Name:Adrian Garcia
Created:30 December 2020, 12:56 pm
Vip Status:VIP Account

1. Primo SunozKaldrox

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