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Character Information
Profession:Master Sorcerer
World:Kaldrox Enforced
Residence:Ice City Vip
Marital status:single
House:Harbour Place 1 (Shop) (Thais) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Frags:Killed 1532 players
Last login:20 June 2024, 1:36 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 45%
Tasks: 08%

30 May 2024, 05:16 Killed at level 269 by The Desgraciado, War Lord, Dezzler, Teito, Luiisitoxd, Antica, Guamita and by giant spider.
30 May 2024, 03:26 Killed at level 270 by Azinhow Tearregaca, War Lord, Luiisitoxd, Bonnyz, Hastal Luego, Vinchuka, Guamita, Dazzler, Flamen, Higerotex, Mablung, Killer Avenger, Por Demacia, Sun Jin Woo and by Razhid.
30 May 2024, 03:02 Killed at level 270 by The Sombraas, Sukuna, Vps Dois, Luiisitoxd, Antica, Vinchuka, Dazzler, Flamen and by Por Demacia.
30 May 2024, 02:55 Killed at level 271 by Luisito Rookeado, Por Demacia, Antica, Dazzler, Flamen, Guama Desguezado, Bonnyz, Dynamo Return, Sukuna, Jaguarx Tiktoker, War Lord, Vinchuka, The Sombraas, Razhid, Botzanga and by Azinhow Tearregaca.
30 May 2024, 02:07 Killed at level 271 by Dazzler, Vps Dois, Antica, The Sombraas, Bonnyz, Droga Best Version, Luisito Rookeado, Jaguarx Tiktoker, Azinhow Tearregaca, Razhid, Luiisitoxd, Dezzler, Dynamo Return, Botzanga, Os Crew and by Por Demacia.
30 May 2024, 01:42 Killed at level 271 by Azinhow Tearregaca, The Sombraas, Guama Desguezado, Luiisitoxd, Dezzler, Noxy Paramax, Bonnyz, Antica, Python Powerfull, Vps Dois, Droga Best Version, Dazzler, Botzanga and by Lost Connection.
30 May 2024, 01:38 Killed at level 272 by Guama Desguezado, The Sombraas, Bonnyz, Sun Jin Woo, Razhid, Python Powerfull, Dazzler, Antica, Azinhow Tearregaca, Hands, Mablung, Noxy Paramax, Droga Best Version, Vps Dois, Botzanga and by Os Crew.
28 May 2024, 23:58 Killed at level 271 by Rip Dazzler, The Desgraciado, Adony Style, Rahelovsky, Fire Killer, Guama Desguezado, Lampiao, Killer Avenger, Dynamo Return, Vinchuka, Fenakor Oliunna, Vps Dois, Esse Upacyc, Dioneraa, Dutch Passion, Frankziio, Mablung, Paloso Ed, Luciano, Bielzina Ownador, Noxy Paramax, War Lord, Dezzler, Habbo Ms, Chinoe Cannabis, Davineitor, Azinhow Tearregaca, Pajaro Maldito, Razhid, Gasperrzinho, Bispoke and by Buceto.
28 May 2024, 23:46 Killed at level 272 by Luciano, Rahelovsky, Killer Avenger, Rip Dazzler, Adony Style, Dutch Passion, Fire Killer, Dioneraa, Noxy Paramax, Lampiao, Davineitor, Jaguarx Tiktoker, Frankziio, Lavanda, Vinchuka, Habbo Ms, Corserro, Torrek Waton Qliao, Botzanga, Siir Zeuzz, Torneo Cell Papi and by Azinhow Tearregaca.
28 May 2024, 23:41 Killed at level 273 by Kopalniany Klimat, Esse Upacyc, Noxy Paramax, Killer Avenger, Dezzler, Adony Style, Mablung, Rip Dazzler, Rahelovsky, Dutch Passion, Lampiao, Vinchuka, Fenakor Oliunna, Progronczyna, Guama Desguezado, Bispoke, Luciano, Jaguarx Tiktoker, Dioneraa, Davineitor, Pajaro Maldito, Gasperrzinho and by Siir Zeuzz.

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Record of Daily Experiences
EXP Today
not gain exp (Monster Experiences) PvP: +0 (Experiences per Killing)
not gain exp (Monster Experiences) PvP: +0 (Experiences per Killing)
not gain exp (Monster Experiences) PvP: +0 (Experiences per Killing)
not gain exp (Monster Experiences) PvP: +0 (Experiences per Killing)
not gain exp (Monster Experiences) PvP: +0 (Experiences per Killing)
not gain exp (Monster Experiences) PvP: +0 (Experiences per Killing)
not gain exp (Monster Experiences) PvP: +0 (Experiences per Killing)
not gain exp (Monster Experiences) PvP: +0 (Experiences per Killing)

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306, Royal Paladin

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