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Profession:Elite Knight
Marital status:single
Last login:10 February 2022, 12:38 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 15%
Tasks: 14%

10 Feb 2022, 00:38 Killed at level 309 by Heitor Deluxe, Lord Nift, Alejandro Griffin, Mano Nemeziz, Jznh Keeper, Bullzack, Jnh Putifero, Spartan Mathh, Legendarny Musk, Legendarny Toninho, Legendarny Wasznie, Legendarny Loonpwn, Legendarny Marcin, Legendarny Nando, Legendarny Pnlwo, Rufus Jango, Mv Healer, Jarquin, Ed Pro, Backpack Sqowar, Saymex, King Nova, Rnzk Best Ed and by Navik.
10 Feb 2022, 00:35 Killed at level 309 by Legendarny Marcin, Legendarny Wasznie, Legendarny Musk, Legendarny Nando, Legendarny Wool, Legendarny Toninho, Alejandro Griffin, Jznh Keeper, Lord Nift, Spartan Mathh, Jarquin, Legendarny Rhayllan, Legendarny Loonpwn, Heitor Deluxe, Navik, Jnh Putifero, Rnzk Best Ed and by Mano Nemeziz.
10 Feb 2022, 00:34 Killed at level 309 by Legendarny Musk, Alejandro Griffin, Heitor Deluxe, Legendarny Wasznie, Lord Nift, Spartan Mathh, Mano Nemeziz, Legendarny Marcin, Legendarny Nando, Jarquin, Legendarny Rhayllan, Jznh Keeper, Rufus Jango, Jnh Putifero, Legendarny Wool, Legendarny Luuh, Alsvid, Playing High, Mv Healer, Saymex, Legendarny Toninho, Legendarny Loonpwn, Mestre Do Desastre, Navik, Legendarny Pnlwo, Metemelo and by Rnzk Best Ed.
10 Feb 2022, 00:17 Killed at level 309 by Jznh Keeper, Legendarny Toninho, Legendarny Nando, Legendarny Indio, Heitor Deluxe, Legendarny Wasznie, Jnh Putifero, Legendarny Loonpwn, Jarquin, Alejandro Griffin, Playing High, Legendarny Musk, Legendarny Marcin, Mv Healer, Legendarny Rhayllan, Lord Nift, Mano Nemeziz, Backpack Sqowar, Metemelo, Legendarny Luuh, Bullzack, Saymex, Fast Up and by Navik.
9 Feb 2022, 23:53 Killed at level 309 by Lord Nift, Legendarny Wool, Legendarny Indio, Heitor Deluxe, Jnh Putifero, Legendarny Nando, Jarquin, Sysida Side, Spartan Mathh, Legendarny Rhayllan, Legendarny Wasznie, Legendarny Toninho, Mano Nemeziz, Mv Healer, Rufus Jango, Jznh Keeper, Alejandro Griffin, Hooligan and by Navik.
9 Feb 2022, 23:51 Killed at level 310 by Legendarny Indio, Legendarny Wasznie, Backpack Sqowar, Sysida Side, Jnh Putifero, Heitor Deluxe, Legendarny Pnlwo, Mv Healer, Rufus Jango, Mano Nemeziz, Playing High, Legendarny Rhayllan, Jarquin, Lord Nift, Legendarny Nando, Navik, Saymex and by King Nova.
9 Feb 2022, 23:44 Killed at level 310 by Jnh Putifero, Mano Nemeziz, Lord Nift, Sysida Side, Alejandro Griffin, Spartan Mathh, Playing High, Legendarny Ciquini, Jarquin, Legendarny Indio, Rufus Jango, Jznh Keeper, Legendarny Pnlwo, Legendarny Wasznie, Bullzack, Legendarny Nando, Legendarny Toninho, Mv Healer, Fast Up and by Saymex.
9 Feb 2022, 23:38 Killed at level 310 by Legendarny Indio, Lord Nift, Heitor Deluxe, Spartan Mathh, Legendarny Ciquini, Legendarny Loonpwn, Mv Healer, Legendarny Wasznie, Sysida Side, Legendarny Wool, Legendarny Rhayllan, Rufus Jango, Bullzack, Jarquin, Mano Nemeziz, Alejandro Griffin, Legendarny Pnlwo, Jnh Putifero, Playing High, Backpack Sqowar, Legendarny Nando, Pure, Metemelo, Saymex, Navik, King Nova, Nitzho Goa and by Refen.
9 Feb 2022, 23:26 Killed at level 310 by Rufus Jango, Legendarny Wool, Legendarny Ciquini, Alejandro Griffin, Sysida Side, Mano Nemeziz, Heitor Deluxe, Lord Nift, Jarquin, Legendarny Indio, Legendarny Nando, Legendarny Loonpwn, Mv Healer, Bullzack, Legendarny Menor, Legendarny Marcin, Spartan Mathh, Legendarny Rhayllan, Jnh Putifero, Playing High, Jznh Keeper and by King Nova.
9 Feb 2022, 23:03 Killed at level 310 by Legendarny Luuh, Backpack Sqowar, Mano Nemeziz, Jarquin, Bullzack, Legendarny Marcin, Legendarny Rhayllan, Heitor Deluxe, Legendarny Menor, Legendarny Wool, Rufus Jango, Jnh Putifero, Legendarny Wasznie and by Navik.

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Account Information
Real Name:Alysson Alysson
Created:17 December 2020, 11:14 pm
Vip Status:VIP Account

1. NavikKaldrox

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