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Character Information
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
House:Alai Flats, Flat 11 (Thais) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Last login:18 September 2021, 3:38 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 993.880 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 06%
Tasks: 14%

15 Sep 2021, 11:57 Killed at level 482 by Comunista, Vulgo Guuh, Super Ericck, Magee, Caio Dry Ice and by hand of cursed fate.
14 Sep 2021, 08:33 Died at level 480 by dark torturer, a hand of cursed fate, a lost soul and by betrayed wraith.
12 Sep 2021, 07:01 Killed at level 478 by Super Pachanga, Talita, Celo Is Very, Maykera Original and by Melckzerah.
6 Sep 2021, 09:56 Killed at level 476 by Comu, Anti Judas, Beer Marleystar, El Granjero and by Sheldon Spearmax.
25 Aug 2021, 19:01 Killed at level 468 by Vo Lhe Lasca Todim, El Mimo Massacre, Talita, Celo Is Very and by Comandosp.
25 Aug 2021, 10:44 Killed at level 469 by Vo Lhe Lasca Todim, Celo Is Very, Talita, Zika Do Baile, Wilzin Full Groove and by Freak.
22 Aug 2021, 07:43 Died at level 466 by demon, a juggernaut, a lost soul, an infernalist, a betrayed wraith, a warlock, a destroyer, a draken abomination, a phantasm, a fire elemental and by fire elemental.
21 Aug 2021, 09:47 Died at level 465 by hellhound, Buhu, a undead dragon, Xaxa, Brunswichk, a demon, a phantasm, Bellmont, a juggernaut, a betrayed wraith, a dark torturer, a lost soul, an infernalist, a hellfire fighter, a ghastly dragon and by warlock.
18 Aug 2021, 09:36 Died at level 462 by undead dragon, a juggernaut, a demon, a dark torturer, a lost soul, a warlock, an infernalist, a phantasm, a draken abomination, a betrayed wraith, a fire elemental and by destroyer.
18 Aug 2021, 06:54 Died at level 463 by dark torturer, a undead dragon, a juggernaut, a warlock, a lost soul, a hellhound, an infernalist, a betrayed wraith and by fire elemental.

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+6.839.569 (experience total)
+5.862.649 (experience total)
+6.963.039 (experience total)
+18.523.499 (experience total)
+2.911.412 (experience total)

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1- Adicia
1507, Elder Druid
2- No Love
491, Elite Knight
3- Daniel Larusso
486, Royal Paladin
4- Onix
484, Elite Knight
5- Dugrau
484, Elder Druid

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