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Character Information
Name:Alpha Stars
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
Last login:13 June 2021, 3:39 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 859.365 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 28%
Tasks: 02%

10 Jun 2021, 18:35 Killed at level 316 by Capsey, Dempah, Saldavo, Andyzin and by Fusao Trintaseis.
19 May 2021, 00:29 Died at level 280 by western princess.
4 Apr 2021, 01:47 Killed at level 280 by Onic, Bruno Rockfeller, Saymox South West, Easy Money, Mobraw, Breno Causalntriga, Valltz, Netto Visyon, Sudenit, Shikamaru, Gueu No Bang, Maurinhiobaby and by Yorick.
21 Mar 2021, 21:37 Killed at level 280 by Natelee, Almighty, Tedge, Bolander, Notzey, Close Friends and by Macho Fema.
21 Mar 2021, 21:31 Killed at level 281 by Gordezx Dubom, Gand, Oriente Allfather, Buneco Odiado, Habenero Hot Sauce, Macho Fema and by Alpha Stars.
21 Mar 2021, 21:20 Killed at level 281 by Aspectum, Understandable Son, Tedge, Bolander, Alcatraz, Katus, Natelee, Froxty, Notzey, Almighty, Leonsita, Oriente Allfather, Antonio, Incruzilhada, Kimura, Macho Fema and by Vanish.
21 Mar 2021, 21:16 Killed at level 282 by Antonio, Tedge, Hallaca, Almighty, Aspectum, Bolander, Poseidon, Understandable Son, Notzey, Natelee, Buneco Odiado, Alcatraz, Gordezx Dubom, Leonsita, James Lafleur, Habenero Hot Sauce and by Bruxo.
21 Mar 2021, 21:07 Killed at level 282 by Almighty, Understandable Son, Bolander, Notzey, Natelee, Froxty, Tedge and by Revoltz Easy.
19 Mar 2021, 18:26 Killed at level 283 by Drew, Knightsolo, South American, Show Bolter, Ichiqwest, Scripts Knight, Liz Rp, Anasztazz, Moonlight Sonata, Holmes, Humillytmza, Meelckyz, Nordmyrenknoxx, Jadiinhow, Cashmaskin, Bisteca Suina, Nordmyrenpally, Eusou Alenda, Izrail, Sheikh Salamaleico, Kaluga and by Alpha Stars.
19 Mar 2021, 18:23 Killed at level 283 by Liz Rp, Nordmyremrp, Eh Biiel, Knightsolo, Cashmaskin, Back Ih Kick, Nordmyrensweet, South American, Nordmyrenpally, Hate, Pobierz, Show Bolter, Bisteca Suina, Moonlight Sonata, Pikdgato, Jadiinhow and by Vanish.

Frags List
Frags Justified
Frags Unjustified

Experience History
EXP Today
+12.641.153 (experience total)
+6.569.108 (experience total)
+7.115.804 (experience total)
+4.593.684 (experience total)
+11.828.203 (experience total)
+1.980.985 (experience total)
+9.676.577 (experience total)
+10.960.384 (experience total)

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Top Experience
1- Kuririnn
1422, Elder Druid
2- Bellalitzz
422, Elite Knight
3- Yory Fashion
422, Elite Knight
4- Salvatore
422, Master Sorcerer
5- Alakan Amon
421, Elite Knight

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